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Sinus & Nasal Institute of North Florida - Staff - Jacksonville FL

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The Sinus & Nasal Institute of North Florida is a state-of-the-art facility where the following procedures are performed by Dr. Sandler on a regular outpatient basis:

Our office is dedicated to providing quality medical care demonstrated by Dr. Sandler utilizing cutting-edge techniques and equipment to perform minimally-invasive procedures. Dr. Sandler is recognized as a leading Sinus Specialist. We have custom-designed our office to provide the latest technology and techniques to our patients in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

At The Sinus & Nasal Institute of North Florida, we aim to treat the causes, not just the symptoms, of your sinus or nasal problems. Years ago it was acceptable to simply tell a patient “try this medication and see if it will help.” At that time, diagnostic tools did not exist to find the causes of these problems. Techniques have improved and specialists such as Dr. Sandler have become better at determining the source of several different sinus problems. Dr. Sandler uses this information to design treatment plans tailored to address the specific causes of each patient’s problem.

Our state-of-the-art equipment enables Dr. Sandler to reach a diagnosis quickly and efficiently. We want to get you on the path of recovery as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our in-clinic diagnostic tests include nasal endoscopy, imaging studies, nasal and sinus cultures, and allergy testing. After Dr. Sandler analyzes the results, he meets face-to-face with the patient and offers several management options.

Sinus surgery is reserved only for patients when medications and allergy treatments have not been effective. Should surgery become necessary, Dr. Sandler will perform the least invasive procedure as possible. Although not all patients are a candidate for balloon sinuplasty, it is always Dr. Sandler’s preference to use it whenever possible because it is minimally-invasive, saves normal tissue, and allows patients to return to their normal activities faster.